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Portfolio Web Design

Hosfeld Insurance Agency, Inc. Website

Hosfeld Insurance Agency, Inc. is a local insurance agency that provides individuals and businesses with “Golden Rule” coverage. As a major redesign of the existing Hosfeld Insurance Agency Website, I was able to provide a much cleaner, consistent, and effective solution that supports the look and feel that one would expect from an insurance company.

Client: Hosfeld Insurance Agency, Inc.
Technologies: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
Last Update: December, 2005

Client Testimonial

“I cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you did in re-doing our website. We had our original done by one of the ‘mega’ site creators, and it pales in comparison to what you've been able to do.…

…After our initial meeting, I knew you had the enthusiasm and skill to bring my ideas to the website. I didn't know that your final product would FAR surpass anything I might have imagined. From the choice of colors to the technical layout of the sections, you provided the guidance and direction we truly needed.

Now, we have a site that reflects the three things for which we stand, VALUE, SERVICE and TRUST. Thank you SO much for making our dream a reality!”

Donna Hosfeld
HIA President