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Updates & Redesigns

Currently the owner of a site you're not entirely satisfied with? A web redesign can bring life to a site that was originaly lacking in certain areas. This service can involve different design tweaks, better site organization and functionality, code improvements, as well as many other things that freshen up your web presence.

A Fresh Look

Sometimes, a site may be working perfectly fine, but is starting to show it's age. This is a very common occurrence on the Internet, as even a two-year old Web site can appear dated. I can help you to spruce up your site by improving certain elements, adding new graphics and updating imagery.

Site Maintenance & Updates

Many Web agencies will charge an arm and a leg for Web site maintenance. I can help you add additional site content—whether it's upcoming events, special promotions, or anything else you would like—without having to pay those large agency fees.

Page & Functionality Redesigns

Your homepage may not be communicating your message effectively. You may even have some "features" or eyesores within the current site that just simply need to go. A common complaint amongst Web surfers deal with usability issues and not being able to find what they are looking for easily. Let me see if I can help!


Perhaps your logo or company colors have changed. I can help you to keep your current Web site, but update it with your new logo and visual identity.

Coding Improvements & Accessibility

Improving the structure and build of your site makes it easier to update, easier for search engines to rank, can cut down on loading time, and can also help improve the accessibility of the site. This will allow users to use your site, regardless of ability.


Studio814 will help you through every step of the process towards a successful Internet presence. Contact me for an obligation free needs analysis.