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Web Design & Development

Make contact with thousands of new customers and stay in touch with existing ones with a site that communicates clearly, without compromising on style.

Having a Web presence is a must now a days, and unfortunately a bad Web presence can be even worse than having none at all. Your site needs to satisfy the goals of your visitors and allow them to do what they need to do and find out what they need to know—and do it easily. All this needs to be accomplished while still reflecting your company's brand and mission.

Designing and Developing Your Web site

Developing an effective Web site consists of a series of important steps and considerations. It's this process that will ultimately set the Web site off as being a success among the competition. The following are some of the many factors that are considered during the design and development process, leading to nothing other than a successful Web presence:

What is your site saying and how does it say it? This is ultimately what the viewer is coming to see, so it is important that the content provides valuable information, while reflecting the attitude and character of the company.
Information Architecture
The way the information is presented directly effects the impression that people get when navigating through your site. Organizing your content in a fashion that allows for a smooth viewing experience will allow people to find what they came for—quickly. If the information isn't readily available or easy to find, they lose their patience and you lose your viewer—or even worse—your customer.
Visual Design
Whether the viewer realizes it or not, the look and feel that the site provides directly reflects the professionalism and value of what your business has to offer. It's important that the feel of the Web site successfully represents the company's methods and mission while remaining consistent with any pre-existing visual branding already set forth by the company.
Search Engine Optimization
Making sure that your Web site is properly optimized to allow for higher rankings in the major search engines provides more site traffic and assures that they find you as apposed to "the other guy".
Web Standards & Accessibility
Complying to development practices set forth by Web standards ensures that all people, including those with disabilities, are capable of successfully viewing your site. Read more about my practice of Web Standards Compliance.


Studio814 will help you through every step of the process towards a successful Internet presence. Contact me for an obligation free needs analysis and I will be happy to help you get started.